Tennessee’s players may be scattered across the country and away from the Volunteer football facility they spend most of their time in when they are in Knoxville but that isn’t going to stop Jeremy Pruitt from keeping in close contact with his players and their families following the coronavirus outbreak

In a recent interview with SEC Network, via FaceTime, Pruitt noted that Tennessee will begin to get back to some football this week.

“Starting today, or you know this week, we’ll mix in a little bit of football but our number one priority right now is the safety of our student-athletes,” Pruitt said during the interview.

While player safety is the main concern of the Tennessee coach, he also shared his belief that his players will enjoy the school work and football studying the coaching staff will soon be asking of them.

“You know they’re really looking forward to it. I think it gives them an opportunity, because most of them are shut-in at home, so it gives them an opportunity to do something else,” Pruitt shared. “It’s long days when you’re sitting in the house for some of these guys, it’s not the world that they know. So it gives them an opportunity to access and continue to try to develop the mental aspect of the game. It’s interesting to me you can see all over the country I see, whether it’s recruits, or players in the college range to the professional ranks, trying to continue a way to work out and develop as a player.”

You can watch the full interview Pruitt had with the SEC Network below: