The NCAA recently cleared Tennessee OL Cade Mays to play right away in 2020, but that doesn’t mean the final hurdle has been cleared.

The Vols are still waiting for Mays to get clearance from the SEC, since Mays transferred from one SEC school (Georgia) to another.

On Wednesday, though, coach Jeremy Pruitt said Mays hasn’t had anyone contact him from the SEC, so he doesn’t think the league can stop him from playing:

“I guess my question is, I just know about Cade, I know that he’s met with lots of professionals, and it was submitted to the NCAA and they felt like that he needed to play this year,” Pruitt said. “Nobody from the SEC has contacted us to ask to meet with Cade, so based off the decision of the NCAA, I don’t know how they would keep him from playing, unless we just want to say it’s a rule that we voted on.”

It is Wednesday and the Vols’ first game is Saturday night at South Carolina. If the SEC is going to say something one way or the other, it needs to happen soon.