Jeremy Pruitt might not be Tennessee’s head football coach anymore, but his entanglement with the school continues.

Pruitt was fired for cause last season and thus, hasn’t paid him his buyout money. Now, Pruitt’s lawyer, Michael Lyons, is setting an ultimatum for the university.

Per, Lyons says the school will either settle with his client by Oct. 29 or a lawsuit will be filed:

“On behalf of my client, I can tell you that he’s not happy that this is the only choice they’ve left him with,” Lyons said, “but he’s not going to walk away without getting his day in court.

“He’s going to file a lawsuit,” Lyons added. “They’re not leaving him much choice.”

Additionally, Lyons cautions that going to court would expose some information Tennessee wouldn’t want out in the public:

“If Coach Pruitt is forced to file a lawsuit,” Lyons wrote, “it is inevitable that this information will become public, embarrass UT and those associated with it, including its largest donors, and result in debilitating NCAA sanctions.”

Lyons doesn’t say what that damning information might be, but it seems things are intensifying between the school and its former football coach. We’ll see what happens next as the Oct. 29 deadline approaches.