Joel Klatt has reacted to the latest College Football Playoff rankings, and the FOX Sports analyst believes that after TCU was not respected well enough last week, “we called them out on it, and they adjusted.”

That’s how he explains TCU jumping 3 spots this week to No. 4, ahead of Tennessee at No. 5.

“What they used for their basis for last week’s ranking was available to them again, the exact same scenario,” he said. “They had an SEC team, which can only be described as a really good loss in Tennessee at Georgia, No. 1 by a landslide by the way. Had to be unanimous No. 1, they probably moved on from No. 1 quicker than they ever have.”

Klatt then addressed the debate between TCU and Tennessee, and noted that the Horned Frogs knocked off Texas Tech last week. Klatt recalled that the Playoff committee last week noted that the Horned Frogs trailed in some games earlier this season, but they also did last week.

“They had the exact same rationale at their finger tips,” Klatt said. “I would argue that Tennessee as a 1-loss (team) is more impressive as a 1-loss than Bama was a week ago.”

Klatt then noted how Tennessee has the No. 2 strongest schedule, and 3 wins against the CFP Top 25.

“Let’s go back to the original point, I think they listened to the podcast,” Klatt said of the committee.