In a bit of surprising news, Tennessee coach Butch Jones and former defensive coordinator John Jancek had an after-season meeting that resulted in what was termed as a “mutual” parting of ways by some.

In fact, here’s the wording from Butch Jones on the decision, from the Vols’ official website for athletics:

“John and I had a long discussion this morning and we both came to the conclusion that it was best to part ways,” Jones said. “I want to thank Coach Jancek for his contributions to the University of Tennessee football program the past three years. His hard work and dedication to this program played a major role in our back-to-back bowl wins. These decisions are never easy especially for someone I have worked with at three different schools. We feel strongly about the direction our program is headed and will work diligently to find the best person available to lead our defense.”

But, as is usually the case when these kinds of things were said, the decision was likely not as mutual as these releases would have you believe.

Jancek started his post-announcement Twitter presence with three classy Tweets of his own:

But judging by the 32 retweets he made during the course of Wednesday afternoon, you may be able to draw your own conclusion on how he really feels about this decision.

Here are some examples of the Tweets that Jancek put on his timeline:

There’s little doubt that Butch Jones decided he was moving on from Jancek, who had been with the Vols for three years. That leaves one question to be answered– Why?

That’s something we may never know publicly, but Jancek did his best to use the power of Twitter to let fans know that it was not his choice.