Josh Heupel has moved on from Central Florida, and is settling into his new job at Tennessee. But he’s still drawing quite a reaction from the UCF fan base.

Asked about being prepared for the Tennessee job because of his experience at UCF, and plenty of Knight fans raised an objection. Here’s what Heupel said earlier this week.

“I think you grow with every experience you have, as a player, as an assistant coach, as a head coach. This job is different than the job I took over at UCF, and every job is different, whether it’s your recruiting base, your conference, your location, the university. There’s so many factors that go into it,” Heupel said. “I think that I obviously have grown over the course of my three years, and being able to communicate and build a program from the bottom up.”

The “bottom up” part of the comment was especially objectionable for Knight fans.

They recall that Heupel, after he took over in 2018, lead the program to yet another undefeated regular season. The Knights went 12-0 on the year before falling to No. 11 ranked LSU in the Fiesta Bowl. But after a 10-3 season in 2019, Heupel went 6-4 last season. After three straight regressing seasons, including marks of 12-1, 10-3 and 6-4.

Here’s a sampling of the reaction: