Joshua Dobbs and Peyton Manning have much in common. Both starred for the Volunteers over multiple years and have etched their names into the record books at Tennessee. With Dobbs now looking to follow Manning yet again, this time in the NFL ranks, the draft hopeful intends to use the lessons learned from the Tennessee legend to help accomplish that lofty goal.

During a Thursday phone interview with Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk Live, Dobbs was asked about the best advice Manning ever gave to him. It’s no surprise that Manning’s work in the film room and on the practice field stuck out to Dobbs.

“The best advice, easy, that I’ve gotten from Peyton Manning was the importance of one your preparation,” Dobbs answered. “He’s come back to Tennessee a lot and he’s been able to talk to me. We’ve sat down in the film room and he’s just talked about his preparation each and every week. His pre-snap process, his communication at the quarterback position, how important those three areas were and then to go on the field with him and see the importance of each and every rep. Whether it’s pat-and-go on the last rep of the day, every rep is important. He’s trying to maximize that rep and make it a game rep.

“Seeing how important your preparation is and seeing how important each rep is that you get on the field, since they are so limited, that’s definitely made me a better quarterback during my college career and those are definitely lessons I’ve learned and will take on to the next level.”

The lessons seem to have paid off for Dobbs on Rocky Top. After throwing for 7,138 yards and 53 touchdowns in his college career, the former Volunteer quarterback has seemingly risen up many draft boards during the pre-draft process and has gone from a borderline prospect to a near lock to hear his name called from the podium during the upcoming NFL draft.

How much success Dobbs has when his name is called upon at the next level could be determined by how well he applies the lessons learned from the greatest quarterback in school history.

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