Tennessee head coach Butch Jones never doubted his players would leave Athens without a win on Oct. 1. Despite facing the challenge of being down by three points with 43 yards in front of them and having only three seconds to go in the game, Jones had full confidence in his players to finish the game.

“I told our kids in the huddle that we were going to come down with it–we’re going to find a way,” Jones said in his Georgia postgame press conference.

Jones wasn’t the only one believing, as Tennessee’s starting quarterback Joshua Dobbs broke down the final moments from his perspective in a recent post via the Players Tribune. According to Dobbs, he was fully prepared for the moment, which put his mind at ease during the critical, game-defining moment against Georgia. In fact, it was a lesson taught to him by another highly successful Tennessee quarterback that helped handle the situation.

I’ve been asked countless times if I was nervous at that moment. Honestly … I wasn’t.

I often think back to something Peyton Manning once shared: “Pressure is just something you feel when you don’t know what you are doing.”

We had gone over this very scenario. Every week in practice, Coach Jones would have us run through various situational plays, like Hail Marys. You never know when you’re going to need a play like that, but eventually you will. So we were ready.

As I released the ball, all I was thinking was, Give it enough arc and put it where our guys can make a play.

Needless to say, the ball was thrown perfectly, and Dobbs permanently etched himself into Tennessee lore thanks to the play:

As he now embarks on his journey toward accomplishing his dream of making an NFL roster, Dobbs fondly looks back at the moment he will most likely be remembered for and credits his teammates for always having faith in one another.

But I wouldn’t say it was unbelievable, because we — me and my brothers on Team 120 — always believed in each other.

Without a doubt, their faith was rewarded that day in Athens.