Last weekend, when the Tennessee Volunteers scored their only touchdown of the game in a 45-7 loss to Alabama, DB Rashaan Gaulden gave the Alabama crowd a double middle finger salute.

Though Gaulden apologized after the game, he didn’t miss any game time and may still be in action on Saturday against Kentucky.

College GameDay analyst Kirk Herbstreit thinks that’s a mistake, saying the handling of the Gaulden situation proves Tennessee doesn’t have any discipline under Jones.

“That’s why Tennessee has issues,” he said. “They don’t have any discipline. He should have taken his uniform off, sent him upstairs and said, ‘Get some popcorn, because you’re no longer on the team’ and sent a message to the whole team.”

Fellow GameDay analyst Desmond Howard said he’s simply surprised 3-4 Tennessee is getting this much attention at all.

“I’m surprised we’re still talking about Tennessee,” Howard added.

The Vols are indeed a mess right now, and it seems inevitable that they’ll eventually fire Jones.

If Jones does indeed get canned, Herbstreit says he’ll only have himself to blame.