Kirk Herbstreit followed the unusual ending of last week’s Ole Miss-Tennessee game, and said fans throwing debris on the field is over the line.

The ESPN broadcaster spoke about the issue on ESPN’s College Football Podcast. The game was delayed about 20 minutes after Tennessee fans were upset about a ruling around a fourth down call where Tennessee appeared to be short of the first down marker.

“I get hating the former Tennessee head coach, Lane Kiffin,” Herbstreit said, via 247Sports. “I’m OK with booing and being upset, if that’s what you need to do. I’d rather see you just cheer your team on. But throwing things on the field — just an embarrassment for Tennessee, Vol nation. And, again, this is a minority of fans. It’s not all the Tennessee fans. But it’s enough to make you go, ‘Really? Like, what are we doing throwing objects on the field at a college football game?’

The play was reviewed, but the spot was not overturned and Ole Miss took possession.

“I just thought it was embarrassing for their brand. I have a lot of friends — living in Nashville, there are a lot of Tennessee fans that are heartbroken, really, and humiliated because a few embarrassed that brand,” Herbstreit said. “So I feel bad for Tennessee. They lost the game. But I feel really bad a few of their fans embarrassed the Tennessee fanbase.”