Tennessee football looks like a very real contender for the postseason after the convincing performance the Vols out on in Saturday’s 52-49 win over Alabama on Saturday.

College football analyst Kirk Herbstreit recently shared his thoughts on College Football Gameday as to how that could play out for Josh Heupel’s team.

“What’s interesting is that, when they beat Alabama, you started to think about what if they lose to Georgia? Obviously if they beat Georgia, it’s a moot point,” Herbstreit said. “But if they were to lose in Athens, fight hard and end up at 11-1 and they don’t go to Atlanta, what Lee (Corso) is saying I think is who knows how it’s going to play out? You’ve got Ohio State, you’ve got Michigan, you’ve got Clemson out there, you’ve got Alabama still out there, Georgia. It’s too early to play the what-if game.”

With Georgia and Kentucky still on the schedule, there’s no question those are the two most important games remaining on the schedule for this team and that they will have direct impact on Tennessee’s postseason chances and will both serve as measuring sticks as to where Tennessee truly stands.

It will be interesting to see how things play out as