In a divisive world, kindness can go a long way. Thanks to the kindness from BYU fans over the weekend, the Knoxville police department will be fans of BYU football moving forward.

In a Facebook post that’s gone viral, Knoxville police praised BYU fans, saying “even though we would have liked to see the Volunteers win on Saturday, we were delighted to meet so many polite and supportive BYU fans!”

Here’s another quote included in the post from 28-year-old police captain Jeff Stiles:

“Something happened last night that hasn’t happened in the many years I’ve been working UT football fans. We we finally got the ‘all clear’ from command and were dismissed from our field duty, we exited Gate 7 (where the visiting team’s players exit) and as we’re approaching the enormous group of BYU fans that have packed outside the gate, they make a path and begin cheering for US! I must have given 100 high fives and heard ‘thank you for your service’ dozens of times.”

He went on to write, “thank you, BYU Football. I wasn’t necessarily a fan last night but will be from now on.”

In a community that’s gone through a lot on the football field already this season because of an 0-2 start, Knoxville needed a heartfelt story like this. How incredible.

Check out the whole post below: