A Knoxville radio host has started a camp-out protest waiting for Tennessee’s next win this season.

Tyler Ivens of 99.1-WNML The Sports Animal tweeted a video from his first night on the roof of Toyota Knoxville. The radio station promoted the stunt on its web site.

“Tune in this week to hear him do the show live from the roof! Will Tyler be able to come down this Saturday after the Tennessee Volunteers defeat the Mississippi State Bulldogs? If the Vols don’t get the victory, then he we will remain on the roof until the Vols can get a win.”

Ivens said in a video at 11 p.m. on Monday night that a Knox County police officer told him to encourage listeners to not pull off on Interstate 40 to root him on.

“Thank you for the love, thank you for the support, go Vols, couldn’t agree more,” he said. “Let’s do it again tomorrow, all the way to Saturday, until the Vols beat the Dogs.”

This stunt is similar to another Tennessee win protest held in 1988, when Duncan Stewart climbed atop a Nashville billboard to protest the team’s 0-3 start. The Vols eventually beat Memphis State and won five games to close the season.

The Mississippi State-Tennessee game is set for noon Eastern from Neyland Stadium on the SEC Network.