Lane Kiffin is the most engaging SEC football coach on Twitter, and he regularly keeps up with news around the league. So when Tennessee baseball suffered a surprising loss to Notre Dame in the Super Regional in Knoxville, Tennessee, Kiffin dropped some memorable reactions on Twitter.

Kiffin responded to a fan who reacted to the Ole Miss coach sharing a news story about a mustard bottle being thrown on the field following Drew Gilbert’s ejection. Kiffin tweeted, “where is the golf ball??,” of course a reference to a golf ball and mustard bottle thrown at Kiffin last year in Neyland Stadium.

Kiffin replied, “Awesome thanks for asking!! We are watching (Ole Miss) advance to the (College World Series)!! What are you guys today in Knoxville?? 🤔”

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Then Kiffin responded with a “relax” GIF after a Tennessee fan shared that he, “just threw my glass table at my 65 inch TV, shattering both of them. This team has humiliated my entire family. My wife and kids are in tears as 40+ guests clear out of my house. Just threw my Drew Gilbert jersey into the firepit. I can’t do this any longer. Goodbye Vols fans.”

As always, Kiffin stays active so we’ll have to keep an eye on what comes next.