You may have noticed that former Tennessee QB Peyton Manning has been in the news quite a bit over the weekend for an alleged incident from his time with the Vols.

The incident, which allegedly involved Manning and athletic trainer Dr. Jamie Naughright, took place back in 1996 and appeared to have reached a settlement and resolution many years ago.

So why is it suddenly a popular topic in 2016?

Manning’s incident was named in a recent lawsuit filed against Tennessee, in which a group of women alleges “the University of Tennessee has violated Title IX regulations and created a ‘hostile sexual environment’ through a policy of indifference toward assaults by student-athletes”, according to ESPN.

Here is a short summation of what happened during the incident involving Manning and Naughright, according to the report from ESPN:

The Tennessee lawsuit alleges that in 1996, when Manning was the Volunteers’ quarterback, he placed his naked genitals on the face of a female athletic trainer while she was examining him for an injury. Manning has denied that he assaulted the trainer, saying instead that he was “mooning” a teammate. Manning was never the subject of a police investigation in the incident.

The story started drawing national attention again after a scathing piece from New York Daily News senior justice writer Shaun King was released on Saturday:

Given that the incident happened before the creation of social media, the story has gone viral as many people are presumably putting their eyes on it for the first time through its reemergence.

No matter Manning’s innocence or guilt in the alleged incident, it appears as though it will continue to be a thorn in the side of the future Hall of Famer.