Lane Kiffin is at it again.

The Florida Atlantic coach took another jab at his old school Friday, trolling former Volunteers coach and current athletic director Phillip Fulmer with a simple tweet. Kiffin, who coached the Vols in 2009, tagged Fulmer in a picture he took with former Tennessee coach Johnny Majors, whom Kiffin called “the greatest Tennessee Coach ever.”

To fully understand Kiffin’s troll, you have to untangle a historical web going back to Majors’ stint in Knoxville from 1977-92.

Fulmer served as interim coach for the first three games of 1992 while Majors recovered from heart surgery, leading the Vols to a 3-0 record. But the team finished just 9-3, prompting school administrators to force out Majors, a move that some still believe Fulmer had a hand in orchestrating.

Either way, Fulmer took over and coached Tennessee until 2008, when he was replaced by — you guessed it — Kiffin. Kiffin infamously bolted for USC after one year on Rocky Top, but he still hasn’t stopped poking fun at the Vols on social media.