Things in Knoxville are a bit testy these days, especially now that Tennessee has fired AD John Currie.

The Rock on Tennessee’s campus is often used to express thoughts and feelings about the football team, and the university in general. Therefore, it has received a lot of action in the past couple of weeks.

Now, though, it has perhaps its saddest message yet, comparing the Vols to the NFL’s Cleveland Browns — a team that has been hapless since returning to Cleveland in 1999 and has yet to win a game this season:

That also serves as a not-so-subtle shot at Tennessee mega-booster Jimmy Haslam, who happens to own the Browns.

Fans are fed up with his meddling and are also fed up with the fact that a new coach has yet to be hired to lead the program.

With each passing hour, the anger is growing in Knoxville. Now, though, it also appears as if the fan base is just getting exhausted by the search, too.