Fresh off a Super Bowl victory, former Tennessee QB Peyton Manning may not be ready to hang his cleats up just yet after all.

Denver Post columnist Woody Paige reported recently that Manning would announce his retirement by the end of the week, but ESPN’s Adam Schefter seems to believe otherwise.

He appear on ESPNRadio’s Mike & Mike on Tuesday, and was asked when he thought the quarterback might make an announcement. has a transcript of Schefter’s full answer:

He’d like to keep playing. In a perfect world, he’d like to keep playing. The question is who’s going to give him an opportunity. And it’s tough to identify that team right now that’s willing to sign him to the deal that makes it worthwhile for him, that allows him to continue playing.

Does he want to go move to another city? Because I think everbody at this point accepts and understands that he’s not going to be back in Denver. So the question is where does he go and play. It’s not going to be the Houston Texans. It’s probably not going to be the Los Angeles Rams. So you go find a team that would be willing to sign him.

Now, there are a couple of other opportunities he’ll have: TV has expressed interest in him and my understanding is one network — and there are many of them — would like him to be a color analyst for games and could potentially put together a lucrative offer. I don’t know that he wants to do that.

There are multiple teams that have already expressed interest in him in working in a front office capacity and position. Eventually, I think he winds up doing that. But it’s not before he exhausts all options and I think he’d like to continue playing if given the choice. But right now, it’s tough to see that choice identifying itself and stepping forward and having something out there that would be an obvious match for both sides.

Now, again, dominoes start falling. Moves start being made; one move begets another. All of a sudden, you didn’t see Denver losing Brock Osweiler. ‘Well how’d they lose Brock Osweiler?’ And all of a sudden, ‘Well maybe we should bring back Peyton Manning for one year.’ So things happen that change the dynamic of the situation, but as we stand here today on March 1, with the deadline franchise tag being at 4 o’clock today, it’s tough to find a match, as much as I think he would like to continue playing.

It seems we’ll have a hard time knowing exactly what Manning’s future plans are until the quarterback himself makes them known.

Given his reported obsession with football, it does seem like Manning might be the type of guy that would have trouble letting the game go and could attempt to play as long teams are willing to have him.

The question now becomes– Who would be willing to take a chance on him in 2016?