The Tennessee Volunteers went into Memphis on Saturday afternoon and beat the Tigers 102-92 to improve to 8-1 on the season.

However, that hasn’t stopped the Tigers from continuing to diss their in-state rivals, and F Kyvon Davenport was doing some talking after the game.

Per Rocky Top Insider, Davenport said he feels like the Tigers have better players than the Vols despite the loss:

“Close is never good enough,” Davenport said of the Tigers’ losses to LSU and Tennessee after the game. “I feel like we’re better than these teams, and I feel like we just gotta execute more, and we just gotta keep working. We got the same kind of team they got, even better. And I feel like we got better players, too.

“We just all gotta keep working together, keep playing together, and we’ll end up even blowing out teams like that.”

Normally, the team with better players wins the game, so Davenport’s comments are a bit strange in the moments after a 10-point loss.

This Tennessee squad is currently ranked No. 3 in the nation and look like legitimate Final Four contenders. The Tigers, meanwhile, still have a long way to go under first-year coach Penny Hardaway.