Mike Ekeler knows what it takes to find a good special teams player on his coverage teams.

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Put simply, the Tennessee special teams coach described it this way: “Guys with a chipped tooth, a crossed eye.”

“I like guys with chipped teeth on coverage teams,” he said. “If you’re a good-looking surfer boy type, you’re probably not gonna be on coverage teams.”

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Ekeler understands that the Vols have built depth, and he wouldn’t still be in this position on the staff if that wasn’t the case.

Flipping it around, Tennessee also has promising return men, like Dee Williams.

“We’ve got a lot of guys. Dee [Williams] is special, man,” he said. “I stood up here and told you guys 2 years ago we were looking for a fart in a skillet. Well, Dee is a fart in a skillet.”

Williams averaged 18.73 yards per punt return last season, with a touchdown.

And even though Tennessee was No. 2 in special teams during the 2022 season, it’s not enough.

“We won’t stop until we’re the best,” he said.

H/T Rocky Top Insider and Wes Rucker.