Love can make people do unusual things, especially this close to football season.

A broken-hearted Tennessee fan finds himself in a predicament — he even calls it a “crazy notion” — following a recent breakup with his girlfriend. Most importantly, he needs a new companion to Neyland Stadium to cheer on the Vols.

“Not looking for a relationship,” the fan wrote in the Craiglist ad, posted to Twitter by ZehDuck, “merely a lady who would be interested in accompanying me to a game or two.”

Some of his expectations are that the fan be a Tennessee supporter, and not cheer for an SEC rival. Plan for a six to eight hour day, including tailgating with couples who are in their 40s to 60s.

The person who accepts must be willing to behave in a respectful manner, meaning “no drunks, no drugs, no vulgarity. “This fan may be allergic to chivalry as the ad requests that the female companion be willing to pay face value for the ticket.

“That applies for both Georgia and Georgia State,” the ad read. “You cant lowball the best games and expect the lesser games to be near free.”

Here is the complete add, shared on Twitter by ZehDuck: