While Tennessee’s lack of representation at the 2019 NFL Combine doesn’t have anything to do with the job Jeremy Prutt has done during his short time at Rocky Top, it’s a mess Tennessee’s coach is having to clean up thanks to his predecessor.

If you want to know why Butch Jones is entering his second season of being an intern to Nick Saban down at Alabama, look no further than the talent inherited by Pruitt when he was hired in Knoxville — as if the program’s 0-8 SEC mark back in 2017 wasn’t evidence enough. Tennessee was the only SEC program that did not send a player to the 2019 NFL Combine.

For the time being, Tennessee is still having to battle some negative publicity with the latest grenade having been tossed by NFL Network draft analyst Daniel Jeremiah. According to 247Sports, Jeremiah took the opportunity to throw a shot at his co-host and proud Tennessee alum Charles Davis during the NFL’s coverage of the Combine.

“You put 110,000 fans in the stands and you can’t put one dude in the combine?” Jeremiah said to Davis.


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No surprise to see Davis defend his beloved Tennessee program. The VFL then offered up his support of where things are headed on Rocky Top under the leadership of Jeremy Pruitt.

“Major league bomb,” Davis responded. “Coach Pruitt, the word’s out, I know you’re going to bring us out so let’s do it.”

It would appear Jeremiah, an Appalachian State alum, still isn’t over the loss his program was dealt by Tennessee in the 2016 season opener. Either way, the NFL Network analyst may have just made a powerful enemy in Vol Twitter.