Peerless Price came on “The Paul Finebaum Show” on Thursday to promote Pat Summitt’s legacy, but he also took a moment to react to Josh Heupel’s first season at Tennessee, and how he sees the state of the program.

Price, who played for the Vols from 1995-98, helped Tennessee to an undefeated season and the program’s sixth national championship in 1998. He also shared the co-MVP honor in the title game with teammate Dwayne Goodrich.

Price said he’s spent time with Heupel, and described his performance so far as more than what he expected as the Vols under Heupel went 7-6 this past season. Price said he’s excited about the direction of the program, which is the first time he can say that in a long time.

“I think it was a success,” Price said. “… I’m excited. I know as an offensive guy, I know the offense is going to light up scoreboards, and I think he exceeded expectations at least for me. I know some of our Vol fans expect us still to go 12 or 13-0, but I think he exceeded expectations because from where he got the program and guys leaving, and the big-time players like (Henry) To’o To’o and (Eric) Gray going to Alabama and Oklahoma. You’re losing your best offensive and defensive player and you’re still able to compete and have success his first year, I think the sky is the limit.”

Finebaum noted that there have been false alarms, and asked Price why this is the real thing. Price said it feels different, and that there’s trust between Athletics Director Danny White, and Heupel.