Ever since Peyton Manning retired from football, people have been wondering what the next step is for the Tennessee legend and two-time Super Bowl champion.

Recent rumors have linked Manning to the Monday Night Football booth for ESPN after Jon Gruden left to take over as coach of the Oakland Raiders.

However, after receiving the Lamar Hunt Award this week, Manning backed off of those rumors, saying he’s not sure what he’ll do next (via BroncosWire.USAToday.com):

“I don’t know,” Manning said. “‘Monday Night Football’ is an iconic institution; it has received the Lamar Hunt Award. I certainly enjoy listening [and] thinking about things. This is a second chapter for me that — the best advice I got was, ‘Don’t rush into something. Take your time and think about things.’”

Manning continued, joking that other people seem to have a much better idea of what he’ll do next than he does:

“A lot of people seem to know what I’m going to be doing, [and] they haven’t asked me yet or I haven’t been informed,” Manning said. “I still feel busy doing lots of different things.”

Check out the entire interview with Manning below: