Every offseason, Peyton Manning has a number of job offers from the TV world. It seems everyone wants the ex-Tennessee star in the broadcast booth.

However, according to his comments in a feature by Bleacher Report, Manning has yet to receive a formal job offer from an NFL team.

There has been plenty of speculation that Jimmy Haslam, who owns the Cleveland Browns and has ties to the Tennessee program, wants him in Cleveland, but to this point, Manning says nothing is imminent:

“I have had conversations with different people,” Manning says. “But I have never had a formal contract offer, nothing in writing. I have had football conversations that I think, you know, they are probably gauging my interest and I am asking them questions about what their direction is.”

Multiple NFL executives and agents say they heard Haslam was interested in hiring Manning in Cleveland after Manning retired.

“I think people assume that I have been offered a Browns role, but that is just not true,” Manning says. “What’s the old saying? Be careful going to work for your friends [because] you might ruin a friendship, you know? Jimmy and I talk a lot, and I think sometimes Jimmy talks about what is on my radar and what am I thinking about almost more as a friend. As an adviser, if you will. I never really felt like he was asking for his personal views.”

We’ll see if Manning eventually ends up in the broadcast booth or with an NFL front office or does something completely different.

The full Bleacher Report profile is well worth a read. Find it here.