Peyton Manning didn’t waste a moment to roast Greg McElroy on his birthday over Tennessee’s big win over Alabama.

The Tennessee legend shared a birthday wish to the former Alabama star quarterback, and it was shared on McElroy’s “Always College Football” podcast.

“I know age 34 flew by,” Manning said. “Kind of like Tennessee’s receivers running through the Alabama secondary when we scored 52 on you this past October. You remember that, pal? I think you do. Anyway, have a great celebration tonight. Enjoy a victory cigar on me. I appreciate your friendship. Just remember, though, Coach Saban asked me to make sure to remind you, it’s lights out by 10:00, pal.”

McElroy didn’t miss a chance to chime in as well.

“Yes, the receivers did get free from time to time. I’m glad you enjoyed that. The last time Tennessee beat Alabama, I was in my teens. So I’m glad that you guys got to enjoy this past year. Congratulations. Hopefully, that victory cigar that you enjoyed last year, it’ll be the last one we see until I turn 50.

“If history repeats itself, that’s likely to happen to you and your Volunteers.”

The cigars were easy to find that night in Neyland Stadium for the Vols and their fans, as the goalposts were taken down amid the celebration. After 15 years of losing to Alabama, Tennessee won 52-49 in Knoxville when Chase McGrath made a 40-yard field goal as time expired.