Peyton Manning’s playing days may be coming to a close, so the nostalgia is opening up.

Joe Paterno’s son, Jay, wrote a story about Manning in a column on, which mentions how the future Hall of Fame quarterback wrote Joe a letter not long after he had been fired by Penn State.

“Peyton’s respect for the history of the game became evident to me in a letter of support he’d written to Joe Paterno five days after his career ended at Penn State,” Jay Paterno wrote. “Peyton mentioned the Penn State teammates he played with in the NFL and the love and respect they had for Joe Paterno.

“The letter spoke volumes about how Peyton looked at the world and the values he learned in his family.”

Former Penn State receiver Jordan Norwood was also talked about positively and in great length early in the column.In the Broncos’ 24-10 win over the Panthers in Super Bowl 50, Norwood had a 61-yard punt return, the longest in Super Bowl history.

You can read the column in its entirety here.