Phillip Fulmer might not be involved as Tennessee’s athletic director anymore, but he is still plugged in to the SEC world.

He recently joined “Outkick 360” and shared his thoughts on the recruitment of No. 1 2023 prospect Arch Manning, nephew of Tennessee legend Peyton Manning.

Fulmer said the Mannings know how to get things done in a quiet, solid way and he anticipates Arch will make the right choice (via

“They (the Mannings) have a plan,” said Fulmer. “I haven’t talked to Cooper (Manning) about this, but I have with Peyton (Manning) just in general. Those folks know the ropes around college athletics. They know a lot of people. They can find out information they want to know: stability of programs, the longevity of coaches, and all those things more than most.

“Archie (Manning) and the whole family, is so well-respected around the country, and the world for that matter. They’ve done everything right. You just know that this young man will do it right as well. Whoever gets him is getting a prized quarterback, and person, and a piece of the Manning family. I don’t really know if Tennessee is in it or not, but there’s a lot of really good schools around the country, too.”

Many analysts have Texas, Georgia and Alabama as the 3 favorites to land Arch’s commitment. Can Tennessee, LSU, Florida, Ole Miss or another surprising school work its way into the mix? Arch is taking his time with his important decision, so anything is still possible at this point.

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