If games are won in the fourth quarter, it’s pretty obvious Tennessee doesn’t know how to win games.

That’s easy to see when you notice the Volunteers’ 0-7 SEC record.

Tennessee has been bad offensively this year. That’s no secret. The Vols, at one point this season, went over a month without scoring an offensive touchdown.

While Tennessee has been bad in the first, second and third quarters, its fourth quarter numbers have been glaringly worse.

Tennessee has just three points — THREE — in the fourth quarter of its last eight games.

The Vols notched a field goal in the final period against Kentucky on Oct. 28, but that’s it since Week 3 against Florida.

As Knoxville radio host Jimmy Hyams pointed out in a Tuesday tweet, the Vols didn’t score at all in the fourth quarter against UMass, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, Southern Miss, Missouri or LSU.