The return of college sports activities after the spring shutdown due to the coronavirus outbreak has meant frequent COVID-19 testing on many campuses. A recent report sheds some light on what the testing has cost for Tennessee.

This week, the Knoxville News obtained records documenting UT athletics’ COVID-19 tests. Per Mike Wilson, UT athletic’s testing expenses totaled $59,390 as of July 8. Wilson’s article detailed that the athletic department spent $45,990 on 511 nasal swab tests and $13,400 on 268 antibody blood tests. The report says Tennessee has tested athletes and staff members of the football, men’s basketball, women’s basketball and volleyball teams as well as part of the women’s soccer team.

Tennessee student-athletes started returning to campus on June 3 as the SEC allowed voluntary workouts to begin on June 8. For athletic departments, roughly $59,000 a month is a small price to pay compared to the potential lost revenue of canceled college football games. If there is a fall college football season, though, athletic departments like Tennessee will likely be testing more frequently than they are in this portion of the 2020 NCAA calendar.

The Know News report notes Tennessee has had only 2 student-athletes test positive so far. Both athletes were men’s basketball players. A football graduate assistant also tested positive during the initial round of testing.

More details on UT’s testing timeline can be found in Wilson’s article here.

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