Will former Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach and current Monday Night Football analyst Jon Gruden return to the sidelines next year?

That’s the question Tennessee fans are hoping to answer, as he’s been connected to the Vols by a series of #Grumors in recent weeks. Now that the school has fired coach Butch Jones, the path is clear for Gruden to take the job.

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However, according to a report by CBS Sports writer Jason La Canfora, Gruden might prefer to head back to the NFL. And, to add a disappointing wrinkle to Vols fans, he could end up in Nashville, not Knoxville, as the coach of the Tennessee Titans:

Some close to Gruden noted the Titans job as another that would uniquely appeal to Gruden should it open up — he has strong family ties to Tennessee and has been a champion of quarterback Marcus Mariota — noting they suspect the former coach would be selective about which jobs he would entertain but acknowledging the field this offseason could skew uniquely to his liking.

Obviously, these are all just rumors at this point, and Gruden isn’t letting on which way he’s leaning.

However, with reports of ESPN undergoing another round of layoffs this month, it may be time for Gruden to get out of the booth and back on the sidelines, especially now that there are some good jobs coming open.