The world of NCAA compliance is a difficult one to navigate, so many programs commit minor violations all the time.

On Wednesday, it was revealed by AP reporter Steve Megargee that Tennessee coach Jeremy Pruitt committed a minor violation back in March.

Per a report, Pruitt congratulated his old high school — Plainview High School — for winning back-to-back basketball state championships:

Pruitt tweeted “Congratulations Robi Coker and Plainview High School on back to back State Championships! #2muchblue #PLV” on March 1. The tweet was deleted 37 minutes later, after a compliance official noted that it constituted an impermissible endorsement of a high school team and its coach. Compliance officials met with Pruitt and the staffer overseeing the football program’s Twitter accounts to discuss that particular rule, but that was the extent of any repercussions for his actions.

That was one of three reported Level III violations committed by the football team during the first part of 2019. Megargee has the details on the other two, as well:

The other football-related violations involved a non-coaching staffer driving family members of a recruit beyond the 30-mile radius of campus where contact is permitted and having three non-coaching staff members conduct an offseason conditioning session.

Those are all very minor, and as long as they are self-reported, no further penalties are expected to be given to the Vols.