Tennessee suffered a tough loss at home on Tuesday night as the Volunteers fell 63-58 to Texas A&M in Thompson-Boling Arena but soon after the game ended, arguably the biggest story following the game had nothing to do with the action on the court.

If you missed it, official Mike Nance walked into Rick Barnes in an odd exchange. You can view the exchange in the clip below.

When asked about the exchange, here is what Barnes had to say during his postgame press conference.

“You know, Coach Knight told me a long time ago in a game, he told me that officials are going to miss, seven, nine, 11, 12 calls a game – he kept going up every year,” Barnes recalled. “He says you just hope things aren’t egregious at any point in time. But you know what, I really have a lot of confidence in the SEC office, that they are going to look at that and I believe they’ll look at his game, and take it apart.

“Because again, I just think they’ll do that, and it shouldn’t happen. It shouldn’t have any way shape or form, but I like to say what I want to say but I won’t, because again, I do stress the SEC office will do the right thing.”

Here is the clip if you missed it: