SEC Shorts is out with its latest episode and with Tennessee on the rise nationally, the comedy crew thought it best to retrain Volunteer fans about how to be a fan again.

A fan training specialist noted that there’s been “10-12 years of reinforced negative behavior patterns.”

The specialist referred to positive reinforcement, and then how it should introduce one Tennessee fan to another, and showed a scene where the 2 fans enjoyed seeing LSU fans leave early, and how the offense is clicking.

“I forgot what it’s like to have a quarterback who completes passes to his own receivers,” one Vol fan said.

The next step is to reacquaint them with rival fans, which previously caused undo stress and anxiety. Now, the idea is to show the fans Hendon Hooker dropping “absolute dimes to get his confidence up.”

With Alabama on tap this week, and plenty of trash talk about Alabama’s last-second win over Texas A&M, plenty of these practices will be put into play.