A back-and-forth over a reported Tennessee athletic department investigation into coaching search leaks provided SEC Twitter plenty of amusement on Friday.

It all started with the following tweet from Steven Godfrey of Banner Society:

Was just told Tennessee sent out an internal memo announcing an investigation into “multiple leaks” during Danny White’s coaching search, as White has never dealt with a leak during a coaching search and suffered multiple here.

So clearly the investigation’s not done yet.

Godfrey’s tweet got the attention of Vol Twitter and many media members who cover college football. Many replies focused on the fact that sharing the memo itself would qualify as another leak. Some pondered if White was ready for being a Power 5 athletic director.

Volunteers beat reporters relayed a response from UT public relations that Godfrey’s report was false. Then, White himself decided to respond to Godfrey via quote-tweet. White used multiple “laughing” emojis when dismissing the report.

Even before White’s response, Godfrey had acknowledged that Tennessee would publicly deny the report. He had a simple response to White, “congrats again on the hire!”

Fun times on Rocky Top.