Tennessee coach Butch Jones recently told fans that they can plan on seeing the Smokey Gray alternate uniforms again in 2016.

“They were named the uniform of the year, and I thought it was great,” Jones told a Chattanooga crowd, according to 247Sports. “And I think it really was symbolic of the state of Tennessee. Actually, I didn’t say this in the car down here, but I thought about it in my mind, when were driving here there was a shot of the mountains, and it actually resembled our helmet. Nike actually went up into the Smoky Mountains and actually developed that Smokey Gray for us based off of the mountains.”

Another reason to bring the uniforms back? They’re associated with one of the highlights of the UT’s ’15 season.

Nike’s updated take on the Smokey Gray alternate uniform debuted last season for Tennessee’s Oct. 10 showdown with Georgia. The Volunteers trailed by 21 points, but rallied for a thrilling 38-31 win that started a 7-1 finish to the season.

The uniforms have received praise outside of Vols Nation, with Uniswag.com naming the Smokey Gray’s the 2015 uniform of the year.

Jones indicated that fans can expect to see them beyond ’16.

“I thought that was a great addition, and we’re not changing ‘em,” Jones said. “They’ll be the same. And we’re making a tradition of that.”

Which game will get the Smokey Grays in ’16? Will they become associated with the Georgia game in odd-numbered years?

We’ll be watching.