Tennessee is finally done sending six-figure checks to Derek Dooley.

As Rhiannon Potkey of the Knoxville News Sentinel notes, the final installment of Dooley’s buyout was scheduled to be mailed out this month. Dooley had a $5 million buyout at the time of his firing on Nov. 18, 2012, which has been paid out in monthly checks of $102,049.

In total, Dooley’s $5 million was less than half of the buyout money Tennessee paid to make the coaching change. Vols assistant were owed $4.36 million in buyout money, led by $645,000 for offensive coordinator Jim Chaney. Another $1.4 million was paid to Cincinnati to buyout Butch Jones, Dooley’s replacement. Potkey notes that Jones would be owed $10.625 million in buyout money if he were fired today without cause.

Dooley went 15-21 with the Volunteers from 2010-12. When he succeeded Lane Kiffin in 2010, he was UT’s third coach in as many seasons.

Since leaving Rocky Top, Dooley has been an assistant with the Dallas Cowboys.