The rebuild at Tennessee isn’t going to happen quickly, but under the watch of former Alabama defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt, it will surely get done.

The Vols have started off 0-2 in SEC play, but there have been some takeaways that the team has learned thus far.

For instance, you can’t turn the ball over six times in a game and expect to win. Lesson learned from the Florida game two weeks ago.

Tennessee played No. 2 Georgia much closer than many expected they would on Saturday, and you can see that this team definitely has some fight in them. Pruitt noticed as well, which caused him to get a little emotional in the postgame press conference.

The players who were with Pruitt at Alabama knows he has the ability to make Tennessee a competitor again, and Calvin Ridley is one of them.

Check out what he said in response to Pruitt’s postgame comments after the Georgia matchup:

Ridley may have played on the other side of the ball at Alabama, but he knows that the defensive coordinator he had to practice against every week is someone who has the ability to turn a football program around.