If there’s one person outside of the Tennessee football complex that Jeremy Pruitt’s players need to emulate to become successful, it’s Admiral Schofield. The All-SEC basketball player didn’t arrive to campus with much hype or fanfare but that hasn’t stopped him from being one of the nation’s best players during his time on Rocky Top.

Schofield’s rise hasn’t just been as an individual, either, as Rick Barnes and his program have quickly gone from an afterthought to SEC regular season champions. That’s a goal that every Volunteer in Pruitt’s attains to achieve but the first step toward making that dream a reality is to get a win in Neyland Stadium Saturday night against the Gators.

Taking all that into consideration, when Tennessee produced this incredible Florida game hype video focused on the impact the crowd inside Neyland Stadium can have on a football game, who better than Schofield to narrate it?

If this video doesn’t give you chills, you might as well give up your fandom: