Tennessee fans were brought back to some fond seasons when the documentary “Saturdays in the South” on the SEC Network highlighted the play of Condredge Holloway.

Holloway recently retired as an administrator at Tennessee and was a recent guest on “The Paul Finebaum Show.” The ground-breaking black quarterback shared what it would take to return the Vols program to prominence.

“Well, the one thing I know for a fact, they’re going to have to start — and they already have. You got to get SEC players to play in the SEC,” Holloway said. “They’ve got to have the size. You’ve got to have backups that are the size. When you run into Auburn, Alabama and Ole Miss, they’re going to pound you to death. The kids are going to play their hearts out, but they’re going to get beat up.”

He outlined what happened to the program, particularly along the line of scrimmage. But he cautioned that those around the program must be patient.

“After a while there, we got to the point to where we didn’t have many SEC lineman. Yeah, they were heavy, but they were 5-10. It’s a different kind of player. We’re going to get back, but it’s going to take a little bit.”

Tennessee is off this week and returns to action next week with a home game against Georgia.

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