The Tennessee Volunteers replaced AD John Currie with former coach Phillip Fulmer on Friday after Currie repeatedly failed to find a new football coach.

It is common knowledge in Knoxville that legendary Tennessee coach Johnny Majors doesn’t have the best relationship with Fulmer, his former assistant who took over for him. However, Majors doesn’t plan on distancing himself from the program now that Fulmer is in charge.

Majors told The Tennessean that he will continue cheering for the Vols no matter who the athletic director is:

“My allegiance is with the University of Tennessee and the players,” Majors told The Tennessean. “I cheer for them no matter what. Who the athletic director is does not affect that in any way.”

Fulmer has a tough job ahead of him to land a new head coach for the Vols after so many people have turned them down, but it will be a program-defining hire.

Having Majors’ support, even after their past differences, will be important for Fulmer moving forward.