Bleacher Report’s new feature article centering around Saints running back Alvin Kamara shed light on some interesting details about his past.

Kamara ran into trouble a few times during his time at Alabama and was arrested a month after leaving the program. He was charged with four petty crimes, including driving with a suspended permit and not wearing a seatbelt. He also had an interesting incident with a BB gun.

According to the article, Kamara and his teammates purchased BB guns at Walmart one night and fired them randomly around campus, shooting up a pizza driver at a traffic light and a Waffle House window. They also cracked a large panel of Alabama’s engineering building. He eventually got caught and received a $3,000 bill that Kamara says Tennessee paid off when he transferred.

Kamara says he wouldn’t change a thing about his time at Alabama, and thinks it was just a necessary step in his development as a person.

“I think that was a stepping stone,” Kamara says. “I was in the f*****g pokeball in ‘Bama, and I f*****g evolved into some other s**t.”