Tennessee S Micah Abernathy didn’t immediately rush the field after WR Jauan Jennings caught a last-second Hail Mary from QB Joshua Dobbs to give the Vols a miracle victory over Georgia last weekend.

In a piece written for The Players’ Tribune, Abernathy said he took a moment to think about his father, who died after a battle with colon cancer in March:

It wasn’t long — maybe four or five seconds — but I wanted to take it all in for a few moments. Then, right before I ran onto the field to celebrate our miraculous win over Georgia with my teammates, I took a deep breath and thought about my dad.

It’s something I’ve done every day since he passed away in March after a long battle with colon cancer. And he always comes to mind in moments of intense joy like the one I experienced this past Saturday in Athens.

This one would’ve been big for Dad. It would’ve given him bragging rights … for years.

I couldn’t help but think about how happy that game would’ve made him.

Abernathy said he’s sad his father wasn’t there to see the Vols’ incredible triumph and how happy he would have been the following week:

I can guarantee you my father would’ve been decked out in all-orange everywhere he went that next morning — the grocery store, running errands, at the park, everywhere. People would’ve been blinded by all that orange.

So, yeah, Pops would’ve been in his element after that win. He would’ve loved it.

But, more than anything, he would’ve been proud of me.

I’m certain of that.

Abernathy goes into his family history, writing about his grandfather, Dr. Ralph David Abernathy Sr., who was a close advisor to Martin Luther King during the civil rights battles in the South.

Abernathy said his father and grandfather made him proud of the name on the back of his jersey and what it means to be a good person.

The entire piece is beautifully written by Abernathy and is well worth the read. Find it here.