Tennessee has a plan to replace the goalposts that were taken down during the post-game celebration following the win over Alabama.

Knox News reported that Tennessee has stored a disassembled backup set of goalposts under the student section in the southeast corner of Neyland Stadium since it was ordered in 1998, the last time fans tore down the goalposts.

The backup goalposts will be installed ahead of the Vols’ game this week against UT-Martin.

Tennessee plans to order a new set of reserve goal posts. UT estimated a pair of goalposts costs between $10,000 and $20,000 before installation. UT also has additional repairs to make at Neyland Stadium after the celebration, including damage to the turf field.

“If need be, I will pay for them to make sure that they’re up on Saturday,” coach Josh Heupel said Monday on SEC This Morning. “But I think they’ve got a plan to have a couple of them ready to roll when we get to Saturday.”

The goalposts that came down amid the celebration had been up since 1998 when they were installed after the Vols eat Florida in overtime, 20-17. Those goalposts ended up in the Tennessee River. So did the uprights from the south goalpost Saturday, one remaining in it and the other fished out and taken to a fraternity house to be sawed into pieces, according to the Knox News report.