Last week, West Virginia coach Dana Holgorsen lamented the fact that the Tennessee Volunteers (the Mountaineers’ Week 1 opponent) got more preparation time for the game in Charlotte because UT starts classes later than WVU.

On Monday, Holgorsen was being petty once again, this time over an issue he has with Tennessee’s depth chart.

Tight-lipped Tennessee coach Jeremy Pruitt has several “ORs” listed on the depth chart to hide the team’s starters, so Holgorsen said he did the same thing with the Mountaineers’ depth chart to make things even:

Considering the Vols are rebuilding and the Mountaineers are a Big 12-title contender, this is a strange tactic from Holgorsen.

Now, we’ll see if Pruitt and the Vols come out with extra energy because of Holgo’s complaints leading up to the matchup in Charlotte on Saturday.