Photo: Tennessee WR Jauan Jennings savagely trolls Teez Tabor on Instagram

Sep 26, 2015; Gainesville, FL, USA; Tennessee Volunteers wide receiver Jauan Jennings (15) runs past Tennessee Volunteers linebacker Cortez McDowell (20)  during the first half at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Rivalries don’t die easily, just ask JauanĀ Jennings.

The Tennessee wide receiver took to Instagram on Saturday and absolutely roasted former Florida cornerback TeezĀ Tabor.

Jauan Jennings Instagram

Jennings’ post is in reference to his 67-yard touchdown catch against Tabor in Tennessee’s 38-28 victory against Florida last season. Tabor, who is projected to go in the early rounds of this year’s NFL draft, could not keep his footing against Jennings and was left watching as the Vols receiver raced to the end zone.

In the win, the sophomore receiver hauled in three catches for 111 yards and the touchdown. Jennings figures to be one of the SEC’s best receivers in 2017, and he wants everyone to remember what he’s capable of.

During his time at Florida, Tabor was considered a shutdown corner and often backed up that claim. At the NFL Combine, however, Tabor ran the 40-yard dash in 4.63 seconds, which has some questioning if he has the speed to make it at the next level.

It seems Jennings wants to remind a few people that Tabor wasn’t quick enough to hang with him last fall. That’s just what good rivals do.

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  • He should be worrying about himself even being signed as an undrafted free agent when he declares….

    • He is 6’4″ 220lbs and is one of the most physical recievers in the sec i think he will be fine come the draft.

    • Heard Jennings is gonna breed ducks that specialize in pulling trucks….lol.

      • You’re still 1-11 the last 12 match ups

        Also- we won the east

        Also we’ve won 2 national title since your last one

        And I’ll throw in the two basketball titles too

        You deserved the win last year… Your team fought back hard and won

        But Tennessee still has no room to talk

        • Good luck finding a QB and replacements for all those guys on D (that gave up 38 to UT this year no less). I’m sure you guys will be fine lol

          Go gata

      • A Vawl fan talking smack. How cute. Bumper sticker idea: Vawls 38 SEC East Champs 28. Maybe this year it will be Shreveport. I’m sure Nashville is getting old. Good luck with that battle with UK for mediocrity in the East. Brick by brick = Champions of life.

        Go Vawls

      • Here’s some fun facts. The last time Tennessee won a football SEC championship:

        Bill Clinton was president
        Titanic won 11 Oscars
        The iPhone did not exist
        Barry Switzer was head coach of the Dallas Cowboys
        Will Smith was at the top of the charts with Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It
        Top internet provider AOL was the 52nd largest company in the S&P 500
        Google had just opened for business that September
        Mark McGwire hit 70 home runs
        Current Vols QB Jarrett Guarantano had not yet been born
        The Vols were not Life Champions because they had not yet begun to recruit 5 star hearts

  • Tabor is a head case through and through. He might get drafted but the 1st time he gets any $$ he’ll be gone from the NFL pronto. Jacksonville Sharks might pick him up….

  • This was a fun read.

  • Gator fans pulling the Straw man LOL.
    SDS article about Jennings trolling Tabor.
    Gator fans switch topic.


    • It’s like this. Big brother and little brother go outside to play basketball. Little brother throws up a 3 and hits it. Little brother then proceeds to talk trash.

      You could almost say its big brothers duty to remind little brother that he is nothing special, not to get cocky, and that one lucky 3 he made doesn’t erase the previous history and if you proceed to talk smack big bro will get pissed and lay the smack down.

      So little brother, we are trying to help you. You won one game in 12 years. You genuinely earned a hard fought win against big brother. But don’t forget you’re still little brother. And big brothers always have the upper hand on little brothers.

      • This is about the dumbest analogy I’ve ever seen. Your team is garbage. Tabor and your whole D got torched, which they deserved for running their mouths. Shut up and deal with it.

        • Know your role little tyke…you should know better than to talk back to big brother like that

      • You got the brothers reversed.

        It’s like little brother cheated their asses off in the 80s, and then hired a silver bullet of a coach in 1990 who cleaned things up. Gator football started in 1990. Tennessee football started in the 20s. That’s your big brother.

        Unfortunately, big brother got addicted to a controlled substance in the 70s, and suffered their first, and only 7-loss season up until that point. In 2008, they had a relapse, and suffered their second ever 7-loss season. We’ve had a long stretch of re-hab since then, but we’ve just about completed all the steps.

  • Normally I don’t get into trash talk, but after how much Tabor ran his mouth last summer this is perfect. And to the gators fans saying we can’t ever talk smack, we are TN fans which means it’s our God given right to act classless to y’all jort wearing sons of guns. I hope it’s as wild this year in the swamp as it was in Kneyland last year.

  • “DBU has a message for Tennessee”. LOL- more like DB Elementary School.