Tennessee can claim one of the best comebacks of the 2019 season (though it came on Jan. 2, 2020). ESPN shared an incredible stat during the Gator Bowl broadcast and on social media.

According to ESPN Stats & Info, FBS teams were 0-471 when trailing by at least 13 points in the final five minutes of the fourth quarter.

A Justus Logan field goal put Indiana up 22-9 at the 10:21 mark of the fourth quarter. The Hoosiers held the 13-point lead until 4:21 when Quavaris Crouch punched it in from a yard out.

Little did anyone know, it was just the start of a fantastic finish. On the kickoff, Tennessee successfully recovered an onside kick. The shift momentum appeared to carry the Volunteers down the field, as only 30 seconds came off the clock by the time Eric Gray had scored on a 16-yard rushing touchdown. Having successfully converted both extra points, UT was then up 23-22, which would be the game’s final score.