Todd McShay believes Joshua Dobbs could be drafted in the first round

Bay Lake, FL - March 16, 2017 - Wide World of Sports: Josh Dobbs and Jon Gruden during the 2017 class at Gruden Camp
(Photo by Heather Harvey / ESPN Images)

At this rate, former Tennessee quarterback Joshua Dobbs may rise up the draft board and become the first overall pick when the Cleveland Browns hand in their draft card April 27.

Considered by many to be a likely Day Three pick when the pre-draft process began, the former Volunteer great has shot up the draft boards in recent months. Thanks in large part to outstanding showings at the Senior Bowl, the NFL Combine, Tennessee’s Pro Day, individual team meetings, as well as his appearance on Jon Gruden’s QB Camp on ESPN. After taking all that action into account, one of ESPN’s most veteran NFL draft analysts could envision a scenario where Dobbs goes late in the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft.

During his Thursday appearance on ESPN’s Mike & Mike radio show, Todd McShay revealed some of the highest praise yet for Dobbs’ stock with the draft only a week away.

“I think Josh Dobbs from Tennessee is going to go early second round — if he doesn’t sneak into the late first,” McShay said on the air.

McShay believes three quarterbacks will be selected in the first round of the upcoming draft and seven total in the first two rounds. Interestingly enough, McShay says Dobbs’ former teammate Nathan Peterman will be among the quarterbacks taken in the second round of the upcoming draft.

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  • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Dobbs is a potential great QB, and could be another Dak Prescott-esque QB. I don’t think he’s first round, or even second round, material. He needs at least 1 year under his belt in the NFL, sitting behind another seasoned QB and working with an NFL QB coach. He has the intangibles, but he needs to work a bit more on his mechanics and learning the system for the team he goes to. For that reason I doubt he’s first round. Maybe second or third, but this kid has wowed people throughout the draft cycle. He’s far better than his stats at Tennessee show, where he had no QB coach and lackluster offensive support with the exception of a good WR every once in a while.

    He will be a steal, but don’t expect him to light it up until he has some time in the league.

  • Psssss…Dobbs won’t be a good NFL QB. He makes bad decisions under pressure.

  • With some real coaching, he might be a real surprise, but just wary of his throws when under pressure

  • I don’t mean to hate on Dobbs because he is a really good guy with a great head on his shoulders but Mcshay and Kiper are really just trying to make headlines right now. If they think Peterman is a second round pick this year and Brandon Allen is a 6th round last year then that shows you just how weak this QB class is. Prescott pre draft last year was still a much better prospect than Dobbs is right now and while I’m honestly rooting for Dobbs, It’s not fair to compare him to Dak.

  • Jesus, now that would be a reach. I’d be willing to bet any amount of money that Dobbs will never be good. The comparisons between Dobbs and Prescott is ridiculous. Prescott had Miss St ranked #1 in the country, while not having much around him. Dobbs, had a great backfield with Kamara, and Hurd, Juwan Jennings and Josh Malone are basically irrelevant because nobody knows what they could have done with a decent QB. Dobbs is closer to EJ Manuel, sure he’ll make a few nice throws, but in the same game he’ll throw an int, and miss about 10 open receivers.

  • He’s the biggest reason Tennessee sturggled the past 3 years. He showed a lot of promise his Freshman year, but he looks absolutely clueless so many times. Tennessee’s skill position players are virtual unknowns because Dobbs was unable to give them the opportunity to show what they could do. Malone is 6’3 210 lbs ran a 4.40 but he’s only had one decent season at Tenn, same with Jennings, Byrd, and Kamara.

    I know the same can be said, about Antonio Callaway at Florida, and Dupre/Dural at LSU, but they had terrible QB’s too. If Tennessee had somebody like Prescott, McCarron, Austin Allen, or Will Grier there would be much more hype around these players. I also think they would have won the SEC East at least once.

    • Dobbs finished with a higher completion percentage and QBR than Austin Allen last year, with an almost identical yards per completion. try again.