Nicknames can come from a host of different places, but for Cordarrelle Patterson, his latest nickname comes from his play on the field. And he’s just fine with it.

The versatile former Tennessee star, now playing for the New England Patriots, is a new found favorite target for QB Tom Brady. Patterson’s already proven himself as a kickoff returner and receiver, but lately, he’s lined up as a running back at times rushing for a total of 156 yards and a touchdown through 11 games.

“He’s been great – great attitude, great teammate,” Tom Brady said of Patterson, according to 247 Sports. “What we’ve asked him to do, both as a receiver, returner and then play running back at different times – he’s just a great football player. I think however he can impact the team – gaining yards whether it’s the kick game, pass game, run game – he’s willing to do it.”

Brady went on to explain that Patterson is a top-notch player on the field, but also a great influence in the locker room.

“He has a lot of fun and loves playing football,” Brady said.

How about the nickname?

‘The Experiment,’ that’s what I call him,” Brady said. “Just because he can do it all. We’re all just trying new things with him. I just love what he does.”

For his part, Patterson welcomed “The Experiment” with open arms.

“Oh man, I like any nickname Tom gives me,” Patterson said, via “That’s Tom Brady, man. Why not? He can give me any kind of name and I am going to like it. I’m enjoying my time here. I am having fun, as always. No matter where I am I am going to have fun and enjoy myself like it’s my last.”

Patterson previously went by Flash in the past, but that’s also a nickname for new WR Josh Gordon.