Tony Romo the broadcaster is known for his ability to predict what will happen on the field. Sunday, he got the attention of Tennessee fans when he told the CBS audience that he expects NFL teams will go after second-year Volunteers head coach Josh Heupel after the 2022 season.

Zach Ragan of A to Z Sports recorded Romo and partner Jim Nantz discussing Heupel during the game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Philadelphia Eagles.

“We were watching Tennessee upset Bama a couple weeks back, remember?” Romo said to Nantz.

After Nantz called the play on the field, Romo continued.

“Tennessee head coach Josh Heupel, remember, he was at Central Florida with Scott Frost when they went undefeated,” Romo said. “Goes over here to Tennessee, brings them back to prominence. He’ll be on the radar for every NFL team after this year.”

Romo’s comment sounds like pure speculation on his part. While he’s gained a reputation as a top NFL broadcaster, Romo is not known as a reporting insider with front office connections. It will certainly be interesting to see if Heupel receives some NFL interest after engineering an incredible turnaround at Tennessee.

Coaches of high-powered college offenses generating NFL buzz is nothing new. In recent years, we’ve seen LSU assistant Joe Brady go back to the pros and Dan Mullen be connected to head coaching openings. Brady, though, was fired from the Carolina Panthers and Mullen remained at UF only to be fired before the end of the 2021 CFB season.

Kliff Kingsbury took the unusual route of being fired from Texas Tech, hired by USC as offensive coordinator and then hired by the Arizona Cardinals as head coach in under 2 months.

Many successful college coaches are unable to make it in the NFL. Earlier this year, Matt Rhule became the latest former college coach to be fired from an NFL head coaching position.